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The Crossing Board

The Crossing Board Hard Copy Subscription

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  • Our fanzines are sent to print on the 1st of each month and any subscriptions commenced from midnight and onwards (London, UK timezone) are for the next month's fanzine.
  • We ship our fanzines worldwide around the 7th of each month but please be aware that shipping times can vary drastically due to factors such as location and delays. We would highly recommend selecting tracked shipping for peace of mind.
  • You can terminate your subscription at anytime by logging into your account. If you don't want us to send a fanzine that you have paid for and would like a refund, please contact us before it is sent to print (see the first bullet point).

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Customer Reviews

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Absolutely the cutest

I signed up in time to receive the April issue, but also bought an extra copy of the March issue which is just everything I could have ever wanted! So excited for more to follow and I will definitely try and challenge myself to try all the delicious recipes!


I love this little booklet so much arrived today it’s beautifully made and a lot to read about my all time favourite game ❤️ So so happy I subscribed to this thank you ! Keep up the work 🥰

Great information and tips for ACNH Fans!

I like the quality of work put into The Crossing Board and also saw a stream with YouTuber Ninten talk speaking very highly of this little book.


I'm really enjoying the content "The Crossing Board" provides in each issue. Every month is full of useful tips on what villagers prefer as gifts, to real life recipes to make dishes found in the game, and get your horoscope musings from Celeste for the month. It's always a treat when the new issue arrives on my doorstep.

Awesome mag

I love the magazine. I want to get it again but trying to cut down on spending. Will resubscribe again! Someday.